Atlantic Blue Marlin are caught year round in the Cayman Islands. The average size is 200Lbs however we have caught all in the ranges from 100Lbs to almost 600Lbs. Blue Marlin are trolled in deep waters with normally a spread of various lures that range in sizes, types and colors. All billfish are catch and release only unless they are eligible for a IGFA or Island record. Catching a Blue Marlin is a life changing experience.


White Marlin are normally caught during the spring and summer months and range in size from 75Lbs to 150 Lbs. White Marlin are not frequently caught but we do normally find a few a year.


Sailfish are the smallest and most agile of the billfish. Sailfish are scarce to the Cayman Islands waters but are seen in the summer months when they are travelling back to South America. They have a beautiful sail that is full of bright colors and puts up a great fight even though the sizes range from 50-100Lbs.


Mahi Mahi are the most fun to catch and can be found in the Cayman waters in large schools found offshore and on drifts. Mahi range in size and can be caught anywhere from 10-60lbs here in Cayman. The larger mahi give a great fight as they jump and spin in the air. Finding Mahi on drifts can produce many fish being caught as you troll by or chum them up to take squid from spinning rods. Mahi Mahi are delicious to eat and can be cooked many different ways.


Yellowfin tuna are the toughest fish to bring in on rod and reel, they put up the most fight no matter how small or big. Yellowfin tunas are rare in the Cayman Islands but do appear in the winter months when the waters are cold. Fishing for Yellowfin tuna does require a full day charter as the yellowfin tuna tend to school around our local offshore banks. Blackfin and skipjack tuna are also found in the Cayman Waters and can be fun to catch on spinning gear or daisy chains where you can catch up to two, three and even four at a time.


Wahoo are the most ferocious in the Cayman Water. The wahoo can swim up to speeds of 35MPH and has no natural predators. Wahoo’s are normally caught fishing at high speeds and at deep depths normally using a wire line or weighted lines.


Smaller snappers are caught during our reef fishing trips or sometimes when the fishing is slow on our local banks, deep drops can be done to catch some deep water snappers. Mutton snappers are a great catch during reef fishing and can put up a great fight as well as being very tasty.


As groupers are protected in the Cayman islands it is very rare to catch one as you are not permitted to fish for them in most areas around the island known as grouper holes and spawning areas. However we are lucky enough to catch some during reef fishing charters and offshore bank trips.